Global View Capital Advisors is a diversified financial services firm with businesses in investment advisory, insurance, business development, marketing and global asset management.

Founded by a group of passionate independent investment professionals committed to objectivity and a fiduciary standard of care, Global View Capital Advisors believes in making a difference in the lives of others through financial education.  With an innovative business model dedicated to meeting the demands of a modern financial industry, we offer a personalized approach to uncovering financial solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

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Our Priorities

Our clients are always our first priority, the value of our firm lies in the relationship between our clients and their advisor.

~ Jeff Woolley, President GVCA

1 – The Client

We believe that being a good financial advisor means building long-lasting relationships with our clients.  One of the main roles of an advisor is to educate and empower the client and help to alleviate the uncertainty that is often felt when making financial decisions.  Our advisors take complex principles and reintroduce them in simple and straightforward ways, allowing clients to feel in control and confident regarding their choices.

The financial landscape is continually changing and our clients require innovative solutions for this unpredictable world.  Each Global View Capital advisor is part of an Elite Advisory Team which includes access to specialists in multiple areas such as Wealth Management, Wealth Protection, Business Services, and Tax and Estate Planning, allowing our financial advisors to create a comprehensive and personalized financial plan for their clients.

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2 – The Advisor

Integrity and passion are two of the most important skills a financial advisor must have.  During these times of economic uncertainty, many families and businesses turn to a trusted financial advisor to help navigate the road ahead.  Being placed in this position is both a privilege and a responsibility and as such we expect our advisors to always act in the best interest of the client.

Global View Capital Advisors is building a national network of financial services professionals.  By providing resources, training, support, and mentoring, our advisors are able to grow their business and team while delivering leading-edge wealth management solutions to their clients.

3 – The Company

Past experience has taught us that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.

As a company built by, and for, client-centric advisors, whose voices shape the strategic direction of the firm, our business model serves as the template of the future by partnering and co-developing with the world’s leading-edge financial advisors, money managers and service partners in a truly open architecture environment.

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