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Financial Advisor analyzing information to design personal financial plan


A financial plan is more than just having investments.  Your financial advisor will use a holistic approach, taking into consideration all aspects of your financial life, to design a plan that ensures all the pieces work together.  A written financial plan brings clarity and direction to Your Personal Economy™.

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Money in jars growing like a plant.


People seem to focus on investing money and hoping for a good rate of return, but often don’t consider details such as tax structures, fees, risk tolerance, currency exposure, or downside protection. These factors can have a significant impact on the growth of your net worth.

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Paper umbrella protecting a paper family


What needs protection evolves over time.  When client’s assets are smaller, their ability to produce a continuing income is the most important thing to protect.  As assets grow, the focus shifts towards protecting the wealth and legacy that our clients have worked so hard to build.

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Life is made from moments...

…like the moment you get the keys to your new home, the moment you hold your child in your arms for the first time, or the moment you are able to retire. At Global View Capital Advisors, our mission is to Help Design, Grow & Protect the Personal Economy ™ of individuals and families from all over the world.

All aspects of your financial life blend together to become your Personal Economy. This Personal Economy includes more than just income and investments, it also takes into account the attitudes, behaviors, and choices that impact your Net Worth.  Our financial advisors use an integrated approach to help you develop a strong Personal Economy by focusing on 3 primary objectives – Design, Grow & Protect – in order to help you achieve your financial goals.


Architectural blueprints show a builder exactly what the client wants their structure to look like.  They use them to help identify which professionals or skills they will need on their team, where to direct resources, and even the order in which to complete each element.
At Global View Capital Advisors we believe that having a financial blueprint is essential to achieving your desired outcome.

We call this blueprint Your Personal Economy™.
Together you and your financial advisor will create a detailed picture of your goals and dreams and outline the steps necessary to reach them. By understanding how your spending and saving habits, assets and liabilities, financial responsibilities and discretionary income all come together we are able to make recommendations and adjustments that will point you in the direction you want to go.  With checkpoints to track your progress, identify needed course corrections, and review objectives, Your Personal Economy™ is designed to be a fluid plan that evolves to fit your current situation.



In order to get ahead, you cannot just make money,
you have to learn to understand money.
~ J. Paul Getty

According to a national survey commissioned in 2014 by the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), 42% of Canadians ranked ‘money’ as their greatest stress and 87% said they wished they had made better financial decisions.

Growing your net worth begins with an education on basic financial principles, how ‘money’ works, and what options are available to you.  You and your advisor may discuss topics such as The Rule of 72, The 5 Core Investment Vehicles, and The Evolution of Investing.  This education gives you the confidence, understanding, and control to make smarter, more efficient, financial decisions.

Knowledge alone does not equate success.  In order to get the most out of your investments and achieve your goals sooner, you need to have the right tools.  As independent financial advisors not bound to any one company, we are able to identify the best money managers, service partners, and innovative solutions to meet your needs and objectives.

Technology is transforming the financial services industry and Global View Capital Advisors is helping to lead this change.  Our clients and financial advisors now have access to online paperless applications, virtual meetings with screen sharing, mobile apps, and real-time account openings and insurance approvals.

One of the most significant advancements is the emergence of digital wealth management platforms which combine world-class investment management, low fees, and no account minimums, giving you a Personalized Online Investing experience.


High Cost of Waiting:
A Story of Jon & Jack

Man who invested his money early.
Man who waited before investing his money.
Both friends invested $120,000,
but Jon ends up with 283% more.
All figures are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect an actual investment in any product or the performance risks, expenses, or charges associated with an actual investment.


Protect doesn’t refer to just one thing – it’s a multi-pronged approach to maintaining your desired standard of living and preserving the legacy you wish to pass on.

Early on the focus is about protecting your ability to produce an income, the one that you are currently earning by trading your time and talents at a job or business.  This income not only sustains your current standard of living but also allows you to start investing and growing your net worth.

As you begin building assets, you will need to protect both your ability to produce an income and the net worth you’re working so hard to build.

Finally, once you’ve achieved a net worth capable of producing an income that provides the standard of living you desire during retirement, the focus shifts to protecting these assets and preserving your legacy for future generations.

Straight road surrounded by twist of roads and detour signs.What would you do if your ability to produce an income suddenly stopped?
What if the markets crash the year before you want to retire?
How do you ensure your business or estate passes on seamlessly to those you love?

Unforeseen illness, injury, or death, unexpected emergencies, job loss, or even severe market declines can derail your financial plan and prevent you from reaching your goals. Protect means being prepared – by employing strategies such as insurance, emergency funds, a defensive overlay on your investments, tax reduction strategies, and business succession, wealth, and estate transfer planning your financial advisor can help smooth the road ahead.


Start with a dream.  Attach a deadline to that dream and it becomes a goal.  Attach specific action steps to that goal and now you now have a plan.

In 2012, a study by CIRANO found that households who sought financial advice saved at twice the rate of non-advised households.

Your financial advisor will help you to identify your dreams and then work with you to determine the needed actions to take in order to reach them. Our 6 step process ensures that we create a balanced plan that will make it easier to stay on track.

Global View Capital Advisors financial planning process

Our process begins with building a relationship.  We want to get to know you, find out what your dreams are and see how we can help you reach them.


This involves asking a lot of questions and actively listening in order to understand your money mindset, how you make financial decisions, and what your short and long-term priorities are.


Now we really go to work.  We’ll look at your current financial situation, both the math and the mindset, to help us understand what is and isn’t working for you.


Working together we’ll create your new financial plan.  It will be interactive, addressing both short and long-term goals.  We don’t just ‘tell you what to do’, we help you Design the life you want to have.


This is where we press play.  By accessing leading-edge tools, money managers, and service partners we are able to handpick the best solutions for your needs and goals.  We do this with full transparency and a belief in a fiduciary standard of care.


Changes in your life or your priorities are inevitable and there will be a need to reset your goals as others are achieved. Regular review checkpoints help keep you on track and allow for necessary course corrections.



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What Our Clients Say…

Deciding who to entrust with your savings is an important decision. For my husband and I, this is Global View Capital Advisors. From the first meeting, we were hooked. There has been no turning back and definitely no regrets.

Confidence, trust, honesty, and integrity are paramount, particularly when dealing with financial matters and our financial advisor regularly exemplifies these qualities.

Although we are not his most wealthy of clients, we are treated as though our modest investments are important. We feel that our financial advisor has managed and safeguarded our investments as if they were his own. There is always a feeling of personal interest and attention. GVCA is ready to listen with a patient and caring approach. We truly feel valued and welcomed as clients. It is comforting to know we have someone on OUR side. Our confidence and trust are reinforced time and time again.

Julie G.

My wife and I have worked with Global View Capital Advisors and our financial advisor for several years and always find that he is trustworthy and honest when making recommendations to us.  From his advice, we feel more secure about our future finances and are confident that we will be ready for emergencies and retirement.

Steve & Espie E.

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